What is Yeast? Learn from the experts.

You think you know craft beer and the ingredients that make it up. But have you ever actually asked the question, "What is Yeast?" We had the opportunity to sit down with Jasper Akerboom and Ben Koppenhaver from Jasper Yeast - a local yeast supplier owned and operated by microbiologists, former head brewers, and lab managers - to ask that question and get an answer from the experts.

Jasper and Ben from Jasper Yeast in Dulles, VA joined us to answer the question “What is yeast?” - enhancing our understanding of how this complex organism (not a bacteria, as we learned) operates, reproduces, and changes over time. They also talked to us about how it’s possible to take a snapshot of a particular strain of yeast to be preserved for brewers who brew seasonal beers and need the same strain each time, and how there is a range of different measurements and observations that go into the decision of what type of yeast will be used in certain beers.

This is truly fascinating stuff to learn about!

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