What is Malt? An Interview with Sebastian Wolfrum

Sebastian Wolfrum is the Founder and Director of Malting and Roasting Operations for Epiphany Craft Brewing in Durham, North Carolina. We had the pleasure of sitting down with him virtually and learning more than enough to answer the question of "What is malt?" More specifically, we talked about the difference in malt and craft malt which was an incredibly interesting conversation. Check out the episode below!

If you've found yourself asking "What is malt?" this is a perfect episode for you. Sebastian has been in the beer industry for many years and has experience from all aspects of the brewing side of the business, before ever becoming a maltster and starting his own company.

In this episode, Sebastian talks us through the basics of malts, explaining how grain is sourced from local farmers, steeped in their sate of the art kilning machine, and then roasted in a kiln to get the perfect color and flavor before being used in your favorite beer.

Make sure you check out Epiphany Craft Malt to learn more about what they have to offer, or to learn where you can get some of their products for your home brewing, brewery, or distillery needs!

Find the full episode on Spotify below.

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