We're Going on a Quest - Ep. 30 - 9/18/20

This week's show was packed full of technology news, including the latest announcements from Apple, and more details on the Oculus Quest 2. We cover all of that at length, talk about the latest news from the UFC, and drink a couple of delicious craft beers! Check out the latest episode of our craft beer review and MMA podcast!

In this week’s show, in addition to drinking and reviewing craft beer, we covered a ton of technology news, with a heavy focus on the latest Apple hardware announcements - Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and the new iPad Air - plus, more details that have finally emerged about the Oculus Quest 2! Plus, we covered a long list of games that will be coming to the Oculus Quest 2.

On top of that, we talked about Conor McGregor’s arrest, a new challenger in the UFC coming over from Bellator, and the PS5’s price and release date!

There was so much to cover in this episode and we hope you all enjoy!

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