Complete UFC 250 Results - The Lioness Reigns Supreme

After a wild night and many quick finishes, the results that many of us expected came to fruition - Amanda Nunes defended her 145 lb Featherweight title with a dominant performance over Felicia Spencer. Let's break down the results and some high-level recaps of the fights from last night.

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Amanda Nunes' Dominant Performance over Felicia Spencer | Image Credit: Zuffa LLC

UFC 250 Results - Main Card TLDR:

Main Event: Amanda Nunes vs. Felicia Spencer - Heart and Effort Wasn't Enough

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Amanda Nunes v. Felicia Spencer | UFC 250 Results | Credit: Getty Images

Leading up to this fight, it seemed that a championship defense was inevitable. Amanda Nunes, who holds two championship belts and has a reputation of slaying some of the UFC's most dominant fighters, would stand toe-to-toe with a UFC newcomer with only 3 fights in this promotion under her belt - Felicia Spencer. However, Spencer was a former Invicta champion, and, despite a losing decision had lasted 3 rounds with Cyborg not long ago. The odds were stacked against Felicia - so much so that one better placed a $1M bet that Nunes would defend her title.

Starting the bout, Spencer was full of confidence. But, that confidence was met with dominance from the beginning of the first round, all the way through the end of the fifth. The lioness came out strong with her striking and used her slight reach advantage to fend off the takedowns of Spencer. After absorbing a few solid shots from Nunes early in the first round, Spencer finally locked up with Nunes, but was quickly taken down where Nunes used her BJJ black belt to give Spencer a taste of her own game.

The following rounds didn't go much better for Spencer, but she showed incredible heart and determination and did not lose hope at any point during the fight. Despite Felicia's best efforts, Nunes had an answer for every takedown attempt, every strike thrown, etc. Nunes looked as sharp and as strong as ever in all five rounds, and looked like she could go for five more at the end of the bout.

Though the decision was obvious, I was thoroughly impressed by Spencer's survival and resilience throughout the fight. To still be so early in her UFC career, I believe there are a lot more hand raises ahead of her, and these two may just meet again in the future.

Co-Main Event: Cody Garbrandt v. Raphael Assuncao - No Love is Back

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Cody Garbrandt KOs Raphael Assuncao at the bell | UFC 250 | Credit: Zuffa LLC

After a three-fight losing streak, and over a year since he stepped into the Octagon, the hype was real for the return of Cody "No Love" Garbrandt. However, his return and hope for victory wouldn't come easy as he would be standing in front of the #5 ranked bantamweight contender, Raphael Assuncao.

Raphael is a long-time veteran of the UFC, with fights dating back to 2011. But, after having lost his last two fights, both fighters were coming into this bout with something to prove.

At the start of the fight, it was apparent that Cody's speed and accuracy were as good as they have ever been. In fact, the speed was hard for Assuncao to figure out, which meant most of the first round was spent trying to do just that. Cody continued to mix up his striking, landing strong leg kicks to really set the tone and forcing Assuncao to keep guessing.

Not much changed in the second round, but Assuncao was able to slightly adjust for Cody's speed and was starting to close the distance. Ultimately, Assuncao ended up closing the distance with Cody at the very end of the second round, but "No Love" saw it coming a mile away. At the very last second of the round (4:59,) Cody loaded his entire body weight from the ground up into a right hook heard around the world - resulting in a clean knockout of Raphael.

This was an impressive performance by Cody, one that landed him a Fight of the Night Bonus, and leaves us all hopeful that we will see him begin to climb the ranks once again. However, what was left to be seen in this bout is Cody's durability. He took very little damage in this fight, and for someone who has had questions on his chin in the past, it's still left to be seen if this will be an issue for him again in the future.

Aljamain Sterling vs. Cory Sandhagen - Aljo's Got Your Back

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard
Aljamain Sterling locks in a body triangle on Cory Sandhagen | UFC 250 | Credit: MMA Junkie

For the real fans of the sport, the bantamweight matchup between #2 ranked Aljamain Sterling and the #4 ranked Cory Sandhagen was one of the most anticipated matchups of UFC 250.

Cory Sandhagen was coming off of a five-fight win streak in the UFC, and many thought that this matchup would have gone a little differently than it ended up. However, Aljamain has been around the UFC block with a few very impressive wins under his belt. He's a high-energy fighter and we knew that this would be an exciting bout.

After gloves were touched, Aljamain put the pressure on early and quickly pressured Cory against the cage and brought the fight to the ground. Once they were on the ground, Aljamain took Sandhagen's back and nearly sunk a rear-naked choke but didn't quite get under the chin. Sandhagen was able to free his face from Aljamain's crushing grip, but Aljo quickly switched his choking arm and sunk the same choke tightly under Cory's chin to force the tap and victory.

After this performance, the real question is, why wasn't Aljamain given the shot at the title now that Cejudo has vacated his belt? Instead, it will be Jose Aldo v. Petr Yan to fill the void, but it's highly likely that Aljo will be up for a championship fight once that one has been decided.

Anthony "Rocco" Martin v. Neil Magny - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Neil Magny, Rocco Martin - toe to toe | UFC 250 | Credit: Zuffa, LLC

Of all of the fights on the UFC 250 main card, this is the fight that I was most excited for. The Welterweight division is stacked floor to ceiling with talent, and both of these guys are absolutely exciting to watch - one more technical, and one more explosive.

Throughout this match, both fighters took turns putting on the pressure, trading back and forth and making good use of leg kicks to round out the first five minutes of the fight. As one would expect, in the first two rounds of the fight, Rocco expended a lot more energy than Magny with his explosive fight style, but he was able to secure a takedown in the second round which in my eyes could have won him the round.

However, as they entered the third round, it was clear that Magny was the fresher fighter as he had spent the first ten minutes of the fight focusing on timing and placement and being technical with his strikes. The lack of energy from Rocco in the third round put him in a tough position which lead to a dominant third round, and ultimately a winning decision for Magny.

Sean O'Malley v. Eddie Wineland - The "Suga Show" Rolls On

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Sean O'Malley v. Eddie Wineland | UFC 250 | Credit: Yahoo

The Bantamweight action of the main card kicked off with a stunning performance from "Suga" Sean O'Malley, who landed a walk-off KO, and subsequent Fight of the Night Bonus, against long-time UFC veteran, Eddie Wineland.

The odds were against Eddie from the start of this fight, with O'Malley being the strong favorite out of the gate. However, as the match began, Eddie was looking sharp and aggressive as he took control of the Octagon and pressured O'Malley backward.

However, it wasn't long before the "Suga Show" began and O'Malley began to throw his unorthodox strikes, spinning back kicks, and more which left Wineland guessing on what would be coming at him. Eddie's low-arm stance didn't help his case at all, and left Sean a clean opening and clear shot at that glorious Wineland mustache.

The fight came to a quick conclusion when O'Malley faked Wineland with a left, and landed a strong right jab right on the button, laying Wineland on his back. Another first-round KO for O'Malley.

The question we have to ask ourselves now is who is next for Sean O'Malley?

What are your thoughts on the UFC 250 results? Were there any victories or losses that left you surprised? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to tune to our Twitch channel this coming Friday (6/12) to hear our recap of the event.

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