The "Suga Show" Rolls On - UFC 250 Results

Sean O'Malley v. Eddie Wineland - The "Suga Show" Rolls On

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Sean O'Malley v. Eddie Wineland | UFC 250 | Credit: Yahoo

The Bantamweight action of the main card kicked off with a stunning performance from "Suga" Sean O'Malley, who landed a walk-off KO, and subsequent Fight of the Night Bonus, against long-time UFC veteran, Eddie Wineland.

The odds were against Eddie from the start of this fight, with O'Malley being the strong favorite out of the gate. However, as the match began, Eddie was looking sharp and aggressive as he took control of the Octagon and pressured O'Malley backward.

However, it wasn't long before the "Suga Show" began and O'Malley began to throw his unorthodox strikes, spinning back kicks, and more which left Wineland guessing on what would be coming at him. Eddie's low-arm stance didn't help his case at all, and left Sean a clean opening and clear shot at that glorious Wineland mustache.

The fight came to a quick conclusion when O'Malley faked Wineland with a left, and landed a strong right jab right on the button, laying Wineland on his back. Another first-round KO for O'Malley.

The question we have to ask ourselves now is who is next for Sean O'Malley?

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