The Lioness Reigns Supreme - UFC 250 Results

Main Event: Amanda Nunes vs. Felicia Spencer - Heart and Effort Wasn't Enough

Leading up to this fight, it seemed that a championship defense was inevitable. Amanda Nunes, who holds two championship belts and has a reputation of slaying some of the UFC's most dominant fighters, would stand toe-to-toe with a UFC newcomer with only 3 fights in this promotion under her belt - Felicia Spencer. However, Spencer was a former Invicta champion, and, despite a losing decision had lasted 3 rounds with Cyborg not long ago. The odds were stacked against Felicia - so much so that one better placed a $1M bet that Nunes would defend her title.

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Amanda Nunes v. Felicia Spencer | UFC 250 Results | Credit: Zuffa, LLC

Starting the bout, Spencer was full of confidence. But, that confidence was met with dominance from the beginning of the first round, all the way through the end of the fifth. The lioness came out strong with her striking and used her slight reach advantage to fend off the takedowns of Spencer. After absorbing a few solid shots from Nunes early in the first round, Spencer finally locked up with Nunes, but was quickly taken down where Nunes used her BJJ black belt to give Spencer a taste of her own game.

The following rounds didn't go much better for Spencer, but she showed incredible heart and determination and did not lose hope at any point during the fight. Despite Felicia's best efforts, Nunes had an answer for every takedown attempt, every strike thrown, etc. Nunes looked as sharp and as strong as ever in all five rounds, and looked like she could go for five more at the end of the bout.

Though the decision was obvious, I was thoroughly impressed by Spencer's survival and resilience throughout the fight. To still be so early in her UFC career, I believe there are a lot more hand raises ahead of her, and these two may just meet again in the future.

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