Is Facebook Bad? We discuss in Episode 55 - out now!

We haven't been able to keep news about the tech/social media giant out of our episodes lately, and after you hear about their potential plan to introduce face detection to the upcoming AR glasses, you might also be asking "Is Facebook bad?" We discuss that while drinking and reviewing craft beers in episode 55 which is out now!

This week, The Ginger drank and reviewed the Windswell IPA from Random Row Brewing, and The Beard drank and reviewed the Founders Brewing Company Big Lucious Raspberry Stout. One of the two got a great review and the other... not so much. Can you guess which one is which?

In addition to those craft beer reviews, and a discussion to attempt to answer "Is Facebook bad?" - here are the other topics we covered in our podcast episode:

  • Upcoming UFC Title Fights

  • Kevin Croom’s overturned victory due to cannabis use

  • NVIDIA GTX 3060 Resizable BAR Update

  • Facebook adding voice commands to Occulus, and looking at the possibility of face detection in the upcoming AR glasses

  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus open world RPG

  • How to stream VR games to Occulus Quest without sideloading

  • Sony PS5 expandable storage

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