Introducing "Weigh-Ins" - A New, UFC-Focused Series

Hey, guys - it's The Ginger here.

The Beard and I have been having a ton of fun creating weekly episodes of the podcast for your listening pleasure, but we have found one "problem." We like talking about UFC wayyy too much! We typically spend the majority of our podcast episodes talking about UFC, and some times have to skip over some interesting stories from the other industries we love, like technology and video games.

So, how do we solve this problem? We've started a new spinoff series called "Weigh-Ins." These episodes will still be recorded live on Twitch just like our regular episodes but will be recorded on Tuesday nights, rather than Friday.

Check out the first "Weigh-Ins" episode right now!

In these episodes, we will focus 100% of our time on talking about UFC news, fight predictions, and UFC fight recaps. And, the best part is, we won't have to rush through anything to get to other topics.

So, if you come to primarily to hear us cover UFC news on the podcast, we promise that you are going to love this new series. Check it out now on our YouTube channel, and be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you like, and give us a sub if you want to see more!

You can also check out the first episode of "Weigh-Ins" on Apple Podcasts!

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