'For the King' PC Gameplay #2 🎮

Watch The Ginger and The Beard go a little deeper into 'For the King'. We take out some bad guys, collect XP, gather loot, and do some silly voiceovers along the way!

Though it's not they type of game I would typically gravitate towards, I've had a ton of fun playing through the first part of this game. The more I understand the mechanics, level up my character and just relax and enjoy what the game has to offer, the more fun I have.

Have you played 'For the King'? Let us know what you think and what other games you'd like to see us play!

Don't forget to check out the rest of Episode 11 where we talk about UFC 249, new 13" Apple Macbook Pros, the Keychron K4 mechanical keyboard, and more video game news! You can find that video embedded below!

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