Everlasting Blueberry Oatmeal Stout & Bourbon Barrel Cru - 2 Quick Craft Beer Reviews

Crack open a beverage and enjoy 2 quick craft beer reviews -the Everlasting Blueberry Oatmeal Stout from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery, and the Bourbon Barrel Cru from Hardywood Craft Brewing!

Everlasting Blueberry from Buffalo Bill’s Brewery is a blueberry oatmeal stout coming in at a modest 7.9% ABV. It’s brewed, as you may have guessed, with blueberries, but also a mixture of English malts and balanced with Ken Goldings and Cascade hops. It has a bitter taste when it first hits the palate, but finishes smooth with a subtle hint of blueberry that hangs around a bit until the next sip, hence the name!

With a bit more of a punch, Hardywood Craft Brewing’s Bourbon Barrel Cru is a Belgian-style quad brewed with almond and toffee to bring out a caramel flavor, a mahogany hue, and a nice sweet bourbon barrel flavor. With 12% ABV, this is a nice evening sipper that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy by the end.

Check out these two craft beer reviews and then head over to the breweries linked below to see what else they are pouring!

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery


Hardywood Park Craft Brewery


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