Ep 52 - Apple VR Leaks, Celebrity Boxing, & Modding Mechanical Keyboards

As we always do, we kicked off the episode by drinking and reviewing a couple of craft beers, including a "Mount Up" Imperial Coffee Stout by Smartmouth Brewing, and a Caramel Porter from Saranac Brewing. After giving our thoughts on those, we covered a handful of interesting topics in the world of tech news, UFC, and video games! Check out the description below for a list of topics!

  • Apple VR Leaks, including dual 8K displays and a $3,000 price tag

  • Celebrity boxing match between Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter (wut?)

  • Wrestling match between Ben Askren and Floyd Mayweather

  • Paige Van Zant’s first Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fight with Britain Hart

  • Modding Mechanical Keyboards - How and Why

  • Activision and Blizzard’s Plan to Adapt Call of Duty Model to all Franchises

  • A VR adaptation of Settlers of Catan

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