Ep. 38 - Special Guest Jimmy Loughran, Head Brewer of Smartmouth Brewing Company

On this episode, we were joined by Jimmy Loughran, head brewer of Smartmouth Brewing Company in Norfolk & Virginia Beach, VA. Jimmy talked to us about his experience and background in the brewing industry, how he went from being a casual craft beer drinker to heading up the brewing operations of one of the most popular breweries in the Hampton Roads area.

We covered a range of craft beer brewing topics, including Smartmouth’s philosophy of “flavor over flash,” discussing how Jimmy’s team manages to stay true to that philosophy in a time where many consumers are looking for the most Instagram-worthy beer.

We also talked about the great aluminum can shortage of 2020, as well as other business impacts that have come from our situation in 2020, and how they have handled it all. Finally, Jimmy clued us in to a few experimental craft beers that are in the works for Smartmouth Brewing Company, and what we can look forward to releasing in the short and long term.

If you’re local to Hampton Roads, or are passing through, make sure you stop by one of Smartmouth’s two locations for a clean, quality craft beer. 

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