Ep. 37 - Blue Light Health Effects with Bryan Reedy of Gamer Advantage

On this episode, we were joined by Bryan Reedy, the founder of Gamer Advantage, to talk about the blue light health effects from artificial light - most notably on our sleep - and how the blue light glasses offered by Gamer Advantage can help mitigate that effect. 

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Given that many of us spend 40 hours/week sitting in front of computer monitors, and then many hours on top of that looking at our phones, TVs, and car dashboards, and surrounded by artificial light in general, it’s no surprise to hear about the negative blue light health effects. More than anything, as we discovered in our conversation with Bryan, this impacts our sleep routines and prevents us from achieving R.E.M. sleep, which leads to a number of health issues.

Our conversation with Bryan from Gamer Advantage was very enlightening in regard to the research that has been conducted on blue light health effects, and how Gamer Advantage’s blue light glasses have been clinically proven to reduce these effects. We encourage you all to look out for your health, and to check out their products!

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