Ep. 34 - Reviewing Beers with the Hosts of 'Beers and Beards'

We were joined by David and Gary, hosts of the 'Beers and Beards' Podcast, to review a few beers and talk about UFC! Of course, we have a couple of things in common with these gentlemen, so we had a great conversation and an awesome time hanging out. Check out the video podcast episode below, or listen to the audio version of the podcast on Spotify or your favorite podcast player!

David and Gary are the hosts of the Beers and Beards Podcast in which David drinks craft beer and Gary drinks Kentucky whiskey. The two have known each other for many years, meeting while working in the MMA industry. David and Gary ran an MMA media site together before it was sold to another company, and decided to start a podcast to occupy some of their free time!

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On this episode, each of us reviews a craft beer, discussing our favorite types of beers, our experiences with home brewing, Gary's love for bourbon, and David's mission to familiarize his palate with various 'Bourbon notes.'

Since the guys also have a background in MMA reporting and commentating, we spent some time talking about our reactions to UFC 254, and who we think is truly the GOAT of UFC.

Let us know what you think about the episode in the comments below, and make sure to check out David and Gary's podcast!

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