Ep 23 - First Ever Recorded Alien Fart

Yes, you read that right. On episode 23 of our weekly craft beer, UFC, technology and gaming podcast, we discussed a range of topics across the industries that we love, even including the possibility that scientists may record alien farts on Mars! Check out the video of our technology podcast below to see what else we talked about!

We kick off the show, as always, by cracking open a couple of cold beers to drink and review. This week, The Ginger enjoyed a Tyrannosaurus Flex from New Realm Brewing, and The Beard popped open a La Bonte Rose from Wicked Weed Brewing. Check out the episode to see what they thought of those!

We then talked briefly about a few stories in the UFC, including Khabib Nurmagomedov’s potential last two fights in the UFC, and what he may do after he retires from fighting. We also talked about Alexander Volkanovski’s thoughts on who could be the next contender for his belt and Paige Van Zant’s potential move to Bare Knuckle FC.

After “UFC Shenanigans” comes “Talkin’ Tech” in which we had so many interesting stories to cover including Huawei surpassing both Apple and Samsung in total device shipments in 2020, Valve’s patent for a wireless VR headset, a soon-to-come updated on Elon Musk’s Nueralink, and NASA’s return to the red planet with the Perseverance rover (plus the potential to record alien farts.)

In our video game segment, we, of course, talk about the free games ready for download for a short time from Epic Games. We then discussed the upcoming release of another modern take on Counter Strike, Rogue Company. And, finally we gave a quick update on the coming launch of the Battletoads refresh!

This week’s “share the love” podcast shoutout goes to the “Side of Ranch” podcast, hosted Mike and Ben. They’re a couple of funny guys who have conversations with really interesting people, including comedians, conspiracy theorists, athletes, and more!

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