Ep. 21 - Virtual Cheers Via StarLink

Welcome to episode 21 of The Ginger and The Beard Podcast! On this week's episode, we covered a lot of interesting stories across our favorite industries of UFC, technology and video games. As always, we enjoyed a couple of delicious craft beers, a few good laughs, and an all around great time. Check it out!

Kicking off the show this week, The Ginger cracked open a cold Canadian beer from Collective Arts Brewing out of Ontario - Life in The Clouds IPA. The Beard enjoyed something a little more local with a Lime of the Party Gose from New Realm Brewing here in our home state of Virginia! Check out the video to see our craft beer reviews, and let us know what you think we should try out for next week’s show!

In our 'UFC Shenanigans' segment we talked about Henry Cejudo's desire to make a comeback ALREADY, last week's Fight Night night - Figueiredo v Benavidez, and the Nevada Athletic Commission's decision to no longer make fighter purses public. Don't forget to tune in for our spinoff series "Weigh-Ins,"where we spend 100% of our time covering UFC, including fight recaps, fight predictions, news and more! You can catch that on Tuesdays at 9:30 PM EST live on Twitch, or the recorded version on Apple Podcasts or YouTube.

In our 'Talkin' Tech' segment, we spent a lot of time covering news from SpaceX, including leaks of an upcoming Beta test of their StarLink satellite internet program, and the return of their Crew Dragon astronauts. We also talked about Razer's new 60% mechanical keyboard - the Huntsman Mini, and a new social VR application called vTime.

Moving into our 'Gaming Grind' segment, we, of course, covered the free video games being offered from Epic, and then talked about some not-so-surprising statistics surrounding how much money gamers are spending in 2020, with $1.2 Billion being spent in June alone!

Rounding out our show, we gave a shoutout to one of the podcasts that we have been enjoying a lot lately, The Virtual Pub Podcast. These guys have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cocktail recipes and have a great show where they tell stories of their past and share recipes from the audience. Be sure to check them out, and let them know The Ginger and The Beard sent you!

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