Ep. 15 - UFC 250 Preview + Virtual Surgeries

Episode 15 was packed full of UFC shenanigans as we gave our predictions for UFC 250! Of course, we now know how those fights turned out, but listen to this episode to see how close we were! We also had a lot to cover in the tech and video game industries and we enjoyed some delicious beers!

We kick off the episode by talking about the delicious craft beers that we were enjoying throughout the show. The Beard cracked open a Baba Black Lager from UNITA Brewing Company, and The Ginger enjoyed a Proper Lager from O’Connor Brewing.

We then moved the UFC Shenanigans section to the top of the show to cover all of the news happening in the industry - Jon Jones vacating his Light Heavyweight title, Jorge Masvidal wanting to cancel his UFC contract, a preview of UFC 250, and a recap of the Tyron Woodley v. Gilbert Burns “fight.”

We also shared some interesting news about Slack and Amazon working together for a mutually beneficial partnership, a new technology that allows surgeons-in-training to prepare for the real thing in VR, and the triumphant return of The Ginger’s mechanical keyboard!

Last, but not least, we talked video games! This week, Epic Games is giving away ‘Overcooked’ - a normal value of $16.99, there has been a change in plans for Steam’s Game Festival, and there are some very, very unverified rumors about a possible, but no probable Halo game from 343 Industries.

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