Ep. 14 - UFC Fight Night Preview, Space X, Windows 10 Update, and more!

Welcome to episode 14 of The Ginger and The Beard Podcast! This week we covered a lot in the world of tech, UFC, video games, and more. We speculated on Tyron Woodley's return to the Octagon (of course, we now know how that turned out,) and we talked about the hype surrounding a ton of superfights that will likely never happen, which we deem UFC vaporware!

There is so much hype around rumored fights in the UFC right now, and most of it seems to really be geared towards keeping some fighters' names in the spotlight. Most notably, and least surprisingly, Conor McGregor's name is in the headlines after his Twitter tirade talking about who the UFC GOATs are.

Outside of UFC, we spent some time talking about the latest Windows 10 update and why Microsoft is urging users not to seek out the update until it is ready for their machine. Like many other OS updates of the past, it appears that the Windows 10 May Update (Windows 10 2004) may cause issues with a user's computer under certain circumstances.

One industry that must be 100% bug-free before launch is aerospace. Like that transition? Space X launched two Americans into orbit, who have since made it to the ISS. We talked a bit about this on the show as well!

As we do each week, we kicked off the night by streaming video games, and this week we tried out the latest game from Amazon Games, Crucible. If you want to see how that went, make sure to check it out here.

Finally, don't forget to check us out live on Twitch every Friday at 9PM EST to interact and engage with us as we record our next episode!

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