Ep. 12 - Beer-Infused Keyboard + UFC 249 Recap

Check out the latest episode of The Ginger and The Beard Podcast! This week, we covered the results of UFC 249, saw the Ginger pour beer on his keyboard, and more!

This week, we spent a lot of time discussing our thoughts on the outcome of UFC 249 Ferguson v. Gaethje. We gave our opinions on how the main event was stopped, discussed our opinions on Henry Cejudo’s retirement, and more.

We also talked about some interesting technology news, including the realization that the One Plus 8 Pro’s camera can actually see through thin black plastic, as well as clothes!

Finally, we witnessed the potential demise of the Ginger’s Keychron K4 mechanical keyboard as he spilled delicious craft beer right into those pristine keys. Stay tuned to see if that keyboard can ever make a comeback!

Before we started this portion of the show, we also streamed “Jackbox Party Pack 6” live on Twitch and you can see how that went here!

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