I Finally Got One - Drekker Brewing Chonk ‘Merica Cake Sundae Sour Review

The one challenge with craft beer that has gotten easier to overcome, but is still a definite hurdle, is the ability to secure some of the most sought after beer that isn’t readily available in your area. There are more online beer ordering options available these days, but the cost of the product and of shipping is a definite barrier to entry, and not all states or regions have the option of delivery in the first place.

Ever since we started The Ginger and The Beard podcast and I started to get more involved in the hobby, there have been a couple of breweries in different parts of the country that have stood out and received a lot of attention. One of those is Drekker Brewing Co. - known for their over-the-top sour series such as Braaaaaaaains and Chonk.

Drekker is located in Fargo, North Dakota, so, living in Virginia Beach, and given their popularity amongst craft beer fans, it’s not exactly easy to come by. However, by random chance, while having some lunch with my wife at Aloha Snacks in Virginia Beach and checking out their canned craft beer selection, I happened across a couple of cans of Chonk ‘Merica Cake Sundae Sour and I couldn’t have been more psyched.

Reese, aka “The Beard,” and his wife Stephanie came to visit in real life a couple of weeks ago and we celebrated the occasion by enjoying such a rare find in this area.

Pouring Chonk ‘Merica Cake Sundae Sour, I got exactly what I had been dreaming of. It was super thick - almost the texture of a fruit smoothie which comes as no surprise when you look at the list of ingredients that make up this sour. It’s packed with blueberries, strawberries and bananas and those flavor profiles are wildly present from aroma through the last sip.

Beyond the fruits, it wouldn’t be a Drekker sour without a few extra layers of decadence. Specifically this ‘Merica Cake Sundae Sour gets its name from the addition of cake batter, vanilla beans and lactose which build up a super smooth, creamy and coating mouthfeel that is so good it should be illegal. From these ingredients, there is a huge layer of sweetness that balances out the tartness of the fruit which creates an extremely drinkable and delightful experience.

Overall, this Chonk ‘Merica Sundae Sour was everything I was hoping for. It was thick, it was full of flavor, and it delivered in all areas. The only thing that I’m disappointed with is that I didn’t buy more of it, but you can bet I’ll be heading back to Aloha Snacks to, hopefully, find more in the near future.

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