Cody "No Love" Garbrandt is Back - UFC 250 Results

Co-Main Event: Cody Garbrandt v. Raphael Assuncao - No Love is Back

After a three-fight losing streak, and over a year since he stepped into the Octagon, the hype was real for the return of Cody "No Love" Garbrandt. However, his return and hope for victory wouldn't come easy as he would be standing in front of the #5 ranked bantamweight contender, Raphael Assuncao.

Cody Garbrandt v. Raphael Assuncao | UFC 250 Results | Credit: Zuffa, LLC

Raphael is a long-time veteran of the UFC, with fights dating back to 2011. But, after having lost his last two fights, both fighters were coming into this bout with something to prove.

At the start of the fight, it was apparent that Cody's speed and accuracy were as good as they have ever been. In fact, the speed was hard for Assuncao to figure out, which meant most of the first round was spent trying to do just that. Cody continued to mix up his striking, landing strong leg kicks to really set the tone and forcing Assuncao to keep guessing.

Not much changed in the second round, but Assuncao was able to slightly adjust for Cody's speed and was starting to close the distance. Ultimately, Assuncao ended up closing the distance with Cody at the very end of the second round, but "No Love" saw it coming a mile away. At the very last second of the round (4:59,) Cody loaded his entire body weight from the ground up into a right hook heard around the world - resulting in a clean knockout of Raphael.

This was an impressive performance by Cody, one that landed him a Fight of the Night Bonus, and leaves us all hopeful that we will see him begin to climb the ranks once again. However, what was left to be seen in this bout is Cody's durability. He took very little damage in this fight, and for someone who has had questions on his chin in the past, it's still left to be seen if this will be an issue for him again in the future.

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