Apple Glass Rumors - Do We Need It?

There are many Apple Glass rumors and speculations circling the tech industry. In episode 13 of The Ginger and The Beard Podcast, we covered the specs contained in the Apple Glass rumors and pondered the actual need for this technology. Let's dig in a little on our opinion here as well.

Let's start with the Apple Glass specs - starting at $499.

That's right, the rumored price for Apples foray into the AR glasses space is actually... not that bad. Coming from the company who wants to charge you $700 for a set of caster wheels for your Mac Pro, and $1,000 for a Pro Display monitor stand, a starting price as low as rumored is a huge surprise.

When it comes to aesthetics, Apple Glass is rumored to stay true to the styling of a traditional pair of glasses, unlike some of its predecessors such as Google Glass which have a much more off-putting, polarizing design. As I mentioned in our conversations about the hardware, this could be hard to get used to if you are someone who has never had to wear prescription lenses.

Apple Glass Rumors - The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Apple Glass Concept via Gadgets Arena

Finally, Apple Glass rumors suggest that an iPhone will need to be paired in order to take advantage of the functionality built into the two displays within the glasses.

So, do we need Apple Glass?

TL;DR - No, in my opinion, we don't.

The Beard and I discuss this at length in episode 13 of the show, and we have varying opinions. However, the conclusion that I have personally come to is that we as a society do not need AR glasses. I mean, don't get me wrong. I can see the use case in a few different scenarios, but I don't believe that wearing displays in front of our eyeballs will propel us forward any faster than we are moving today.

Would it be cool? Sure, it would be great to get turn-by-turn directions to appear in your peripheral as you're walking through a busy NYC, or navigating a confusing subway system, but we can also do those things right now with our phones.

Maybe this is just a side effect of me getting older, but just as smartwatches have still yet to prove themselves truly useful beyond previewing your notifications at a glance, I think we are far off from the day that Apple Glass would make a difference in your life.

But, as with any entry into a relatively new tech category, SOMEBODY has to do it, so why not Apple? Where they are typically one of the last to enter a category, but almost always do it better, it will be interesting to see if Apple can hit the AR glasses category head-on and make some real waves.

Make sure to check out episode 13 to hear our complete thoughts on the circulating Apple Glass Rumors.

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