Anthony "Rocco" Martin v. Neil Magny | UFC 250 Results

Anthony "Rocco" Martin v. Neil Magny - Slow and Steady Wins the Race

UFC 250 Results | The Ginger and The Beard Podcast
Aljamain Sterling locks in a body triangle on Cory Sandhagen | UFC 250 | Credit: MMA Junkie

Of all of the fights on the UFC 250 main card, this is the fight that I was most excited for. The Welterweight division is stacked floor to ceiling with talent, and both of these guys are absolutely exciting to watch - one more technical, and one more explosive.

Throughout this match, both fighters took turns putting on the pressure, trading back and forth and making good use of leg kicks to round out the first five minutes of the fight. As one would expect, in the first two rounds of the fight, Rocco expended a lot more energy than Magny with his explosive fight style, but he was able to secure a takedown in the second round which in my eyes could have won him the round.

However, as they entered the third round, it was clear that Magny was the fresher fighter as he had spent the first ten minutes of the fight focusing on timing and placement and being technical with his strikes. The lack of energy from Rocco in the third round put him in a tough position which lead to a dominant third round, and ultimately a winning decision for Magny.

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