Allan Heida, aka Al The Brewer, Joined Us for Ep. 63

Being in the podcast community, it's common to come across really interesting people who share similar interests, and we love getting to know these folks, hear their stories, and yuck it up about the stuff we love - in this episode specifically, craft beer.

Allan Heida, aka Al The Brewer, is a homebrewer and host of the "I Know Nothing About Beer" podcast, in which he talks to brewers and suppliers in the craft beer industry to understand how they got their start in the business and to learn something with each conversation he has.

He has also recently transitioned to being a full-time stay-at-home dad and documents his experiences doing so with an Instagram page and YouTube channel called Dad Domesticus. There, he creates hilarious videos and skits that many dads can connect with!

Check out Allan’s endeavors below!

The “I Know Nothing About Beer” Podcast

Dad Domesticus on Instagram

"Ballad of a Father's Pain" on YouTube

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