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We're just a couple of dudes with a passion for craft beer, technology, video games, and UFC - so we made a podcast.

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Meet the Dudes.


A.J. (The Ginger)

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Residing on the east coast of Virginia, A.J. is a long-time tech enthusiast and marketer by trade. He's a family man who loves spending time with his wife, Shaina, and two young boys. You might find him bathed in sunscreen and out riding a skateboard, or in the zone playing video games on his newly-built custom gaming PC - cold craft beer by his side, of course.


Reese (The Beard)

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A native of Ohio, now residing in Northern Virginia, Reese is a gamer's gamer through and through. The Beard has been grinding MMORPGs since he was a wee lad, and has recently taken his passion for gaming to the next level by growing a following on Twitch. When not gaming or performing excel wizardry at work, Reese is hanging out with his wife Stephanie and his two pups Luna and Hulk, and enjoying a tasty brew or pour of bourbon.

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